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Separation Agreements and Court Lawyers in Brampton, ON

If you are separating, then if possible, to keep your costs down, we will attempt to finalize your matter through the negotiating of a fair Separation Agreement. However, if that is not possible, or if Court has already been started by the time that you contact us, then we can offer you a seasoned Courtroom lawyer. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients hundreds of times in the Courts of Ontario.

We Will Protect Your Legal Rights and Keep Your Costs Down

Our lawyers have years of experience. Thus, it does not take us long to draft a Separation Agreement, if both sides are being fair and cooperating. However, if Court is required, then we will also use the legal strategies available under the law to protect your legal costs - to maximize the chance that your spouse will pay YOUR legal costs if they are not reasonable. We will protect your legal rights.

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